Decision ID: 004066

At its October 2015 session, the 1992 Fund Administrative Council noted that the Puerto Miranda Union, representing claimants in a 1971 Fund case, the Plate Princess incident (Venezuela, 1997), had continued to try to enforce a judgment of the Maritime Court of Appeal, Venezuela, dated 24 September 2009, against the 1992 Fund for the amount of SDR 56.3 million (£52 million).  It noted that at the July 2015 hearing on the Registration order, the judge found that the English Courts had no jurisdiction to register the Venezuelan judgment against the 1992 Fund because the 1992 Fund was immune under the 1996 Order, and that the Registration should be set aside and the 1992 Fund be awarded its costs in full (£60 881.07). 

The 1992 Fund Administrative Council, noting that the Plate Princess incident was not a 1992 Fund incident, decided to reiterate its previous instructions to the Director to defend the 1992 Fund, and to oppose the attempts to enforce the Venezuelan judgment.   

Date: 22.10.2015
Category: Legal actions
Subject: Enforceability of judgements