About the site

Document Services

The tri–lingual IOPC Funds’ Document Services website provides access to all meeting documents and decisions taken by the governing bodies of the IOPC Funds since 1978. Other resources on this site include access to IOPC Funds’ circulars and online meeting registration. Users are not required to register to access the site, however additional features are available to registered users.

Meeting Documents

The Meeting Documents page provides a search and navigation resource for IOPC Funds meeting documents. Documents can be downloaded and printed without having to register, whilst registered users can take advantage of additional features, including the option to download documents, save and manage folders of selected documents and receive email alerts when new documents are published.

Decisions Database

The Decisions Database is a search and navigation tool for accessing all decisions that have been made by the governing bodies of the 1971 Fund, the 1992 Fund and the Supplementary Fund since the establishment of the 1971 Fund in October 1978. It also contains abstracts relating to the conclusions and reports of intersessional Working Groups and the documents submitted to such Groups.

The database also contains entries that do not relate to decisions taken by the governing bodies but to the body taking note of key issues such as judgements or other court decisions in cases involving the Funds or of particular relevance to the Funds.

Each decision is reflected in the database by an abstract accompanied by a reference to the relevant paragraph(s) of the Record of Decisions and a reference to the relevant paragraph(s) of the background document(s) relating to the decision (normally the document submitted by the Director). A click on the reference will open the document.


Users can search and navigate all Circulars, which are issued from time to time by the Secretariat of the IOPC Funds to inform Member States about key developments relating to the work in practice of the Organisation. Registered users have the option of receiving notification of newly published circulars.

Meeting Registration

Delegates to meetings of the IOPC Funds can register their attendance in advance of meetings online via the Meeting Registration page.