Decision ID: 003756

In October 2010, the 1992 Fund Executive Committee noted that in July 2010 the Criminal Court in Corcubión (Spain) had decided that four persons should stand trial for criminal and civil liability as a result of the Prestige oil spill, namely, the Master, the Chief Officer and the Chief Engineer of the Prestige and the civil servant who had been involved in the decision not to allow the ship into a place of refuge in Spain.  It was noted that the Court had stated that the shipowner’s insurer and the 1992 Fund were directly liable for the damages arising from the incident and that their liability was joint and several.  It was further noted that the Court had decided that the shipowner, the management company and the Spanish State were vicariously liable and that the Court had in the decision requested the parties with civil liability to provide security to cover their liabilities up to their respective legal limits. 

The Executive Committee noted that the 1992 Fund had requested the Court to reconsider the above decision on the grounds of public policy.

Category: Legal actions
Subjects: Criminal proceedings, Investigations into the cause of incidents