Decision ID: 003706

In June 2010 the 1992 Fund Executive Committee recalled that in March 2009 the Criminal Court in Corcubión (Spain), which had started an investigation into the cause of the incident to determine whether any criminal liability could arise from the events, had issued a decision declaring the instruction phase of the case concluded, that in the decision the Court had exonerated from prosecution the civil servant who had been involved in the decision not to allow the Prestige into a place of refuge in Spain and that the Court had decided to continue the proceedings against the Master, Chief Officer and Chief Engineer of the Prestige. It was recalled that some parties to the criminal proceeedings had appelead against this decision, pleading that the Appeal Court should overturn the decision not to prosecute the civil servant mentioned above. It was further recalled that the French Government had also appealed, pleading that proceedings should be initiated against some employees of the classification society American Bureau of Shipping which had certified the Prestige. The Committee recalled that in October 2009 the Court of Appeal had overturned the Criminal Court’s decision and had reinstated the proceedings against the above-mentioned civil servant. The Executive Committee noted that in May 2010 the Criminal Court in Corcubión had declared the ijnstruction of the case concluded.

Date: 31.05.2010
Category: Legal actions
Subject: Criminal proceedings