Decision ID: 003692

In October 2002 the 1992 Fund Assembly considered the report of the fourth meeting of the 3rd Intersessional Working Group which had been established by the Assembly to discuss the need to improve the compensation regime provided by the 1992 Civil Liablity Convention and the 1992 Fund Convention. The Assembly approved the revised text of the Claims Manual relating to environmental damage as proposed by the Working Group, which focused on specific criteria in respect of reinstatement measures, including measures taken at some distance from, but in the general vicinity of the damaged area provided it could be demonstrated that they would enhance the recovery of the damaged components of the environment; the revised text also included a section dealing with post-spill environmental studies, which clarified the the Fund’s policy in respect of the payment of compensation for the costs of such studies. The Assembly decided that the Working Group should continue its work in accordance with the mandate given to it by the Assembly in October 2001, and endorsed a statement by the Chairman of the Working Group that, in order to facilitate progress on any issues, delegations should produce written concrete proposals, preferably in the form of draft treaty texts.

Date: 30.09.2002
Category: Intersessional Working Groups
Subject: Working Group Reports