Decision ID: 001101

In February 2000 the 1992 Fund Executive Committee considered the application of the Conventions to the incident. It was noted that the United Arab Emirates was Party to the 1969 Civil Liability and 1971 Fund Conventions and the 1992 Civil Liability and 1992 Fund Conventions, having not denounced the former international regime when acceding to the latter, and that all four instruments were still in force. The Committee recalled that the 1992 Fund Convention did not contain any provisions governing the simultaneous application of the four instruments after the expiry of the transitional period on 15 May 1998. It was noted that the Al Jaziah 1 was allegedly registered in Honduras, which was a Party to the 1969 Civil Liability Convention but not to the 1992 Civil Liability Convention. The Committee took the view that, if the ship was in fact registered in Honduras, the United Arab Emirates would be under a treaty obligation to apply the 1969 Civil Liability Convention in respect of the shipowner’s liability. The Committee instructed the Director to study further the application of the four treaties in question.

Date: 01.02.2000
Category: Application of the Conventions
Subject: Treaty/constitutional issues