Decision ID: 000636

In June 1996 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee considered the admissibility of a claim by a fish sales company located 400 km by road from Milford Haven. The Committee decided to reject the claim since there was not a reasonable degree of proximity between the contamination and the alleged loss by virtue of the business’s lack of geographic proximity to the affeceted area, its only partial dependency on supplies from the affected area, its access to alternative sources of supply and it having not been an integral part of the economic activity of the area affected by the spill.

Date: 31.05.1996
Category: Pure economic loss (fisheries and mariculture)
Subjects: Admissibility criteria, Link of causation between the loss and the contamination, Loss of income from fish sales and fish processing due to lack of supply as a result of contamination, Specific claims considered by the governing bodies