Decision ID: 003490

In March 2008 the 1992 Fund Executive Committee noted that the claim by the German authorities had finally been settled for €1 284 905 (£954 000) and that as a result of the settlement the 1992 Fund had paid a total of €1 766 903 (£1 214 151) which included interest, as well as €45 293 (£32 818) in respect of court costs incurred by the German Government and that, in accordance with the settlement agreement, the insurer of the ship Kuzbass had reimbursed the 1992 Fund 20% of the amounts paid by it. It was also noted that following the conclusion of the settlement agreement, all actions brought by the German Government against the owner of the Kuzbass, the insurer and the 1992 Fund had been withdrawn and that the case had been finalised.

Date: 01.03.2008
Categories: Application of the Conventions, Compensation payments, Legal actions
Subjects: Applicability of the 1992 Fund Convention to pollution damage caused by spills from unidentified sources, Out-of-court settlements, Direct action against insurers, Legal actions against shipowners, Out-of-court settlements