Decision ID: 003459

In October 2008 the 1992 Fund Assembly expressed its very serious concern as regards the number of 1992 Fund Member States which had not fulfilled their obligations to submit oil reports, since the submission of these reports was crucial to the functioning of the IOPC Funds. The Assembly instructed the Director to continue to bring the matter of the submission of oil reports to its attention at each regular session. It also instructed the Director to pursue his efforts to obtain outstanding oil reports and urged all delegations to co-operate with the Secretariat in order to ensure that States fulfilled their obligations in this regard. The Assembly took a policy decision proposed by the Audit Body to the effect that where a State was two or more oil reports in arrears, any claim submitted by the Administration of that State or a public authority working directly on the response or recovery from the pollution incident on behalf of that State would be assssed for admissibility but payment would be deferrred until the reporting deficiency was rectified. It was also decided that, after a grace period of 90 days, the policy decision would apply to all claims in Member States with outstanding oil reports. The Assembly instructed the Director to prepare a circular containing the policy decision together with apropriate background information and to circulate it to all Member States. He was further instructed to bring the policy decision to the attention of Member States by all appropriate means.

Date: 30.09.2008
Category: Administrative matters
Subject: Reports on contributing oil receipts