Decision ID: 003364

In October 1986 the 1971 Fund Assembly, noting that the 1971 Fund sometimes was not informed immediately of a new incident in which it might become involved, expressed the opinion that it would be in the interests of all parties concerned that the 1971 Fund should be informed promptly of all such incidents. For this reason the Assembly drew the attention of Governments of Member States and other parties concerned (such as the authorities responsible for clean-up operations, shipowners and P&I Clubs) to the importance of the 1971 Fund being informed as soon as possible of any new incident in respect of which it would have to pay compensation or indemnification, or in respect of which there was a real possibility that the Fund might have to make such payments. The Assembly noted that it would facilitate the 1971 Fund’s handling of any new incident if certain listed particulars were forwarded to the Director as soon as possible, to the extent that they were available.

Date: 30.09.1986
Category: Administrative matters
Subject: Notification of incidents to the IOPC Funds