Decision ID: 003068

In March 2005 the 1971 Fund Administrative Council endorsed the proposal by the 1992 Fund Assembly at its 9th extraordinary session that there should be a joint Investment Advisory Body for the 1992 Fund, the 1971 Fund and the Supplementary Fund, and that appointments to the Body should be the responsibility of the 1992 Fund Assembly only. The Administrative Council decided that in future members of the joint Investment Advisory Body should be appointed for a term of three years instead of one year. The Council adopted a revised mandate for the Investment Advisory Body to reflect the above changes. It was noted that the Supplementary Fund Assembly had at 1st session agreed that the three Funds should have a joint Investment Advisory Body, agreed that only the 1992 Fund Assembly should appoint members of that Body, and had adopted the revised mandate of the Body.

Date: 01.03.2005
Categories: Administrative matters, Financial matters, Regulations and Rules
Subjects: Financial Regulations, Investment Advisory Bodies, establishment and appointment of members, Establishment and appointment of Members of Investment Advisory Bodies, Financial Regulations