Decision ID: 002878

In October 2002 the 1971 Fund Administrative Council decided that in future the Director should be authorised to decide, after consultation with the respective Chairman, whether a particular document should be restricted, but that this issue should be kept under review. The Council decided that documents prepared by delegations to the Council or Working Groups should in general be submitted to the Secretariat at least three weeks before the meeting started, to allow them to be distributed to delegations no less than two weeks before the meeting. It was also decided that documents prepared by the Secretariat should in general be available no less than two weeks before the start of a meeting, although a degree of flexibility should be maintained especially in respect of incident-related documents. It was decided that the issues of the content, production and distribution of documents should be included in the agenda for the October 2003 session.

Date: 30.09.2002
Category: Administrative matters
Subject: Submission and distribution of Fund documents