Decision ID: 002419

In October 1993 the 1971 Fund Assembly recalled that it had instructed the Director to approach the Governments of the newly independent States (other than the Russian Federation) which were formerly part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in order to establish the respective positions of those States vis-à-vis the 1971 Fund Convention. Noting that the Director had in July 1993 written to all such States which had a coastline except Estonia which had in the meanwhile ratified the 1971 Fund Convention (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkmenistan and Ukraine), the Assembly instructed the Director to pursue his efforts to establish the position of these States vis-à-vis the 1971 Fund Convention and to give those States considering accession to the 1969 Civil Liability Convention and the 1971 Fund Convention any assistance which they might require in drafting the legislation needed to implement them and to report any developments to the Assembly at its 17th session.

Date: 30.09.1993
Categories: Administrative matters, Application of the Conventions, Financial matters
Subjects: Levying and reimbursement of contributions, Promotion of the Conventions and procedures for the ratification and implementation, Levying and reimbursement of contributions