Decision ID: 002213

In October 1980 the 1971 Fund Assembly adopted a Resolution (No.4) urging Member States to ensure that their national laws were brought into line with the method of conversion of the franc, the monetary unit in the 1971 Fund Convention, provided for by a Resolution adopted at the first session of the Assembly and laid down in Regulation 2 of the 1971 Fund’s Internal Regulations, and reaffirming the recommendation contained in that Resolution that Contracting States should become Parties to the Protocol of 19 November 1976 to the Fund Convention as soon as possible. The Assembly also decided to invite Contracting States to report at the next session of the Assembly on the progress made in their States regarding the adoption into their national legislation of a method of converting the franc into their national currency in the manner provided for in Regulation 2 of the Fund’s Internal Regulations and the Resolution adopted by the Assembly at its first session.

Date: 30.09.1980
Categories: Administrative matters, Application of the Conventions, Regulations and Rules, Resolutions adopted by the IOPC Funds' governing bodies
Subjects: Financial Regulations, Internal Regulations, Resolutions, Treaty/constitutional issues, Financial Regulations, Internal Regulations, 1971 Fund Resolutions, Conversion of gold francs into national currency, Financial Regulations, Internal Regulations, Treaty issues