Decision ID: 001800

In October 2005 the 1971 Fund Administrative Council recalled that the Republic of Venezuela had presented claims for compensation against the master, the shipowner and the insurer in two courts in Venezuela and that the 1971 Fund had been notified of the legal actions before one of these courts. The Council noted that the Fund was not a defendant in these actions and that, although the Fund had intervened in the proceedings before one of the courts, the actions could not have resulted in a judgement against the Fund. The Council endorsed the view of the Director that, since the Republic of Venezuela had not taken legal action against the 1971 Fund within six years of the date of the incident, the claims by the Republic were time-barred vis-à-vis the 1971 Fund pursuant to Article 6.1 of the 1971 Fund Convention,.

Category: Time bar provisions
Subject: Interpretation/application of the time-bar provisions in Article VIII of the 1969 and 1992 Civil Liability Conventions and Article 6 of the 1971 and 1992 Fund Conventions