Decision ID: 001576

In February 2003 the 1992 Fund Executive Committee noted that following the attack on the Claims Handling Office in Lorient in December 2001 the public prosecutor had brought charges against the attacker in the Criminal Court in Lorient requesting that he be given an 18 month prison sentence, of which six should be served in prison and the remaining on probation. The Committee noted that in a judgement in December 2002 the Court qualified the attackers act as ‘simple damage to property’ and held that since the act formed part of the activities of a trade union, it fell within the scope of a law on amnesty adopted by Parliament in August 2002. It was noted that the Court also rejected the Fund’s compensation claim on the grounds that the Fund had not had the title to take action in respect of the damage caused to the office. It was also noted that the prosecutor had appealed against the judgement and that the Fund and the shipowner’s insurer had joined the appeal.

Category: Administrative matters
Subject: Claims Handling Offices