Decision ID: 001339

In May 2002 the 1971 Fund Administrative Council noted that whereas 59 writes had been issued against the shipowner, the insurer and the 1971 Fund in respect of 194 claims prior to the expiry of the three-year time bar period, as at April 2002, claims by 155 of these claimants had been settled, discontinued or withdrawn. It was also noted that of the 39 claimants still pursuing their claims in the limitation proceedings, 33 were pursuing claims for legal and professional fees, which had either not yet been quantified or the offers made by the insurer and the Fund had not been accepted by the claimants, and that it was expected that most pf these claims would be referred to court for settlement.

Date: 31.03.2002
Categories: Legal actions, Compensation payments
Subjects: Out-of-court settlements, Out-of-court settlements