Decision ID: 000931

In October 1998 the 1992 Fund Executive Committee noted that investigations by the German authorities had led them to conclude that the Russian, unladen tanker, Kuzbass was responsible for the pollution of the coasts of a number of German islands in the North Sea and that the authorities had taken legal action in the Court of first instance in Flensburg against the shipowner and the P&I insurer claiming compensation of £890,000. The Committee decided that the 1992 Fund should intervene in the proceedings to protect the Fund’s interests, once the 1992 Fund was notified under Article 7.6 of the 1992 Fund Convention of the legal action against the shipowner/insurer.

Date: 30.09.1998
Categories: Application of the Conventions, Legal actions
Subjects: Applicability of the 1992 Fund Convention to pollution damage caused by spills from unidentified sources, Direct action against insurers, Legal actions against shipowners