Decision ID: 000839

In October 1997 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee adopted a revised text of Rule (iv) of its Rules of Procedure regarding the preparation and communication of the provisional agenda of meetings of the Committee and the distribution of supporting documents for those meetings. The following text was adopted: “Rules 14 and 17 shall not apply. The provisional agenda of meetings of the Executive Committee shall be prepared by the Director in consultation with the Chairman and shall include items required to be dealt with by the application of Articles 18 and 26 of the Fund Convention or which have been requested by the Assembly or by a Member of the Fund. The provisional agenda for each session shall normally be communicated by the Director to the members of the Executive Committee and to other Member States at least forty-five days before the session. Supporting documents should be distributed as early as possible, taking into account the need for Member States to prepare the sessions, the availability of the necessary information and the importance of claims for compensation and other urgent issues to be dealt with promptly.”

Date: 30.09.1997
Categories: Regulations and Rules, Procedural matters
Subjects: Rules of Procedure, Rules of Procedure