Decision ID: 000742

In February 1994 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee took the view that a claimant whose farm had been contaminated with oil would in principle be entitled to compensation if and to the extent that the property had suffered an on-going loss of value, although it was emphasised that there were may other factors which could have influenced the selling price of the property which were not related to the incident. The Committee instructed the Director to obtain expert opinions as to whether the incident had caused an on-going dimminution in the value of the property, to examine the opinions and to submit the claim to the Committee for its consideration at its 39th session.The Committe took the view that if operating difficulties of the farm resulting from the incident remained, the cost of overcoming these difficulties would in principle qualify for compensation.

Date: 01.02.1994
Category: Consequential economic loss
Subject: Diminution in value of property due to pollution damage or damage caused by preventive measures