Decision ID: 000530

In December 1995 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee decided that a claim by Shetland Island Council for legal fees paid for advice from an American law firm, which related to American legislation, was not admissible, since the work was not relevant for the purpose of the presentation of claims under the international Conventions. The Committee also considered claims for legal fees of two United Kingdom law firms, noting that one had carried out work relating mostly to matters other than the preparation of claims and that the other had focused its work on the question of wreck removal, the United Kingdom authorities’ inquiry and the cause of the incident. The Committee decided that the advice given by these two firms for the most part did not relate to subjects that might form the basis of admissible claims and that the claim for fees relating to these matters was inadmissible.

Date: 01.12.1995
Category: Use and costs of technical and legal experts
Subject: Legal costs incurred by claimants