Decision ID: 000315

In February 1994 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee, in a private session at which only delegations representing 1971 Fund Member States were present,instructed the Director to carry out an in-depth examination of the report into the cause of the incident by the Transportation Safety Board with the assistance of legal and technical experts, to continue his investigations into the financial circumstances of the shipowner and the management company to ascertain whether there would be any financial advantage in pursuing the legal action taken against them by the Fund and to consider whether the Fund should take any other legal action. The Committee also intructed the Director to examine whether or not, in the light of the findings of the report, the shipowner’s insurer should be entitled to indemnification under Article 5 of the Fund Convention.

Date: 01.02.1994
Categories: Legal actions, Procedural matters
Subjects: Investigations into the cause of incidents, Sessions held in private pursuant to Rule 12 of the Rules of Procedure