Decision ID: 003868

In October 2011, the 1971 Fund Administrative Council took note of the 1992 Fund Assembly’s decision:
• that the Director would be appointed for an initial term of five years;
• that the incumbent Director may be re-appointed for a second term of five years by a vote pursuant to Articles 32 and 33(b) of the 1992 Fund Convention;
• that the second term of the incumbent Director may be extended for a limited period of time, if the Assembly so decides, in response to exceptional circumstances that would warrant such an extension;
• that candidates for the appointment to the post of Director pursuant to points 1 or 2 above must notify the Secretariat at least three months before the Assembly is scheduled to meet to appoint or reappoint the Director, as the case may be.
The Council further noted the 1992 Fund Assembly’s decision to adopt 1992 Fund Resolution No9 on the Appointment of the IOPC Funds’ Director – Term of Service.

Date: 27.10.2011
Categories: Administrative matters, Procedural matters, Resolutions adopted by the IOPC Funds' governing bodies
Subjects: Director, appointment, Secretariat and Headquarters matters, Staff, appointment & remuneration, Sessions held in private pursuant to Rule 12 of the Rules of Procedure, 1971 Fund Resolutions