Decision ID: 000614

In June 1996, in light of certain allegations made by the Spanish delegation, the 1971 Fund Executive Committee concluded that there was no indication that the Fund, the Director, the Secretariat or the Fund’s experts had discriminated against Spain or Spanish claimants nor that they had dealt with the incident in an unfair or biased manner. The Committee stated that the Director had acted in full conformity with the policy laid down by the Assembly and the Executive Committee as regards the procedures to be followed and the requirements with respect to the presentation of evidence. The Committee expressed its full confidence in the Director’s handling of the Aegean Sea case. The Committee also emphasised the importance of States ensuring that the provisions of the Conventions were respected in their national law and that the rules and criteria laid down by the governing bodies of the Fund were also respected. The Committee further emphasised that that it was essential for the functioning of the compensation Conventions that Member States accepted the need for uniformity of application in spite of differences that that might exist between legal systems.

Date: 31.05.1996
Category: Application of the Conventions
Subjects: Allegations of discrimination against States and States' claimants, Uniform application of the Conventions