Decisión nº: 003405

In October 2002 the 1971 Fund Administrative Council noted that, as instructed by the Council, the Chairman had sent a letter on behalf of the Council to the Governments of 23 States which had outstanding reports but that only three direct responses had been received. The Council repeated its serious concern as regards the number of Member States which had not fulfilled their treaty obligations to submit oil reports. The Counil emphasized that it was crucial for the functioning of the regime of compensation established by the Fund Conventions that States submitted their reports on oil receipts. The Council instructed the Director to pursue his efforts to obtain the outstanding oil reports, but it was recognised that there was a limit to what the Secretariat could achieve by persistence. The Council recognised that it was its responsiblity to find creative solutions to the problem within the constraints of the 1992 Fund Convention and then support the Secretariat in its implementation of these solutions.

Fecha: 30.09.2002
Categoría: Cuestiones administrativas
Subject: Informes sobre recepción de hidrocarburos sujetos a contribución