Decisión nº: 003274

In June 1996 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee endorsed the position taken by the Fund in the Aegean Sea case to appeal against judgements in respect of a number of claims on the grounds that the Criminal Court in La Coruña had admitted some claims which could not be considered as ‘damage caused by contamination’ or ‘preventive measures’, that it had admitted claims that had not been substantiated by the claimants and that the Court had incorrectly assessed other claims that were admissible in principle. The Committee instructed the Director to investigate the possibility of reaching out-of-court settlements with claimants covered by the judgement on the basis of the requirements of evidence laid down by the Court in the judgement.

Fecha: 31.05.1996
Categoría: Acciones judiciales
Subject: Política respecto a apelaciones