Decisión nº: 002812

In October 2001 the 1971 Fund Administrative Council decided not to include a number of amendments to the IBC Code, the BCH Code, MARPOL 73/78, SOLAS 1974 and the International Convention on Load Lines, 1996 in the list of instruments in Article 5.3 (a) of the 1971 Fund Convention, either because they were not relevant for the purpose of Article 5.3 or because the amendments would enter into force after the 1971 Fund Convention ceased to be in force on 24 May 2004.

Fecha: 30.09.2001
Categoría: Aplicación de los Convenios
Subject: Exoneración del Fondo de 1971 para indemnizar al propietario del buque y su fiador en virtud del artículo 5.3 del Convenio del Fondo de 1971