Decisión nº: 002667

In October 1998 the 1992 Fund Assembly decided that the interpretation of the 1992 Fund Convention with regard to the admissibility of costs of environmental impact studies was based on the Report of the 7th intersessional Working Group of the 1971 Fund. It was recognised, nevertheless, that it would be inappropriate for the 1992 Fund to reject systematically all claims for the costs of environmental studies in the future. The Assembly agreed that in cases where the 1992 Fund paid claims for the costs of environmental studies, such costs should be attributed to a specific incident and should not be included in the 1992 Fund’s administrative costs, and that claims would have to be examined on a case by case basis.

Fecha: 30.09.1998
Categoría: Estudios posteriores al derrame
Subject: Criterios de admisibilidad de las reclamaciones