Decisión nº: 002566

In April 1997 the 1971 Fund Assembly adopted a Resolution (1971 Fund Resolution No.11) to the effect that the views of former 1971 Fund Member States should be heard before further decisions were taken concerning the admissibility of claims arising out of incidents that had occurred before those States had left the 1971 Fund, that earlier decisions in pending cases should not be overruled without the consent of the majority of the States that were Members of the 1971 Fund when those earlier decisions had been taken, and that persons in former Member States who had contributed to the 1971 Fund should be entitled to participate in an equitable manner in the distribution of the assets that remained when the winding up of the 1971 Fund was completed. The Assembly also adopted an amendment to Internal Regulation 7.13, the text of which was to be interpreted against the background of the Resolution and the purpose for which it was adopted.

Fecha: 31.03.1997
Categorías: Cuestiones administrativas, Reglamentos, Resoluciones adoptadas por los órganos rectores de los FIDAC
Subjects: Reglamento interior, Operación y liquidación del Fondo de 1971 después de mayo de 1998, Resoluciones, Reglamento interior, Resoluciones del Fondo de 1971, Reglamento interior, Funcionamiento y liquidación del Fondo de 1971 después de mayo de 1996