Decisión nº: 002234

In October 1982 the 1971 Fund Assembly decided that the correct interpretation of Article 4.4 (a) of the 1971 Fund Convention meant that in case of a major incident reaching or exceeding the 1971 Fund’s upper limit, in respect of which the shipowner was entitled to indemnification under Article 5 of the 1971 Fund Convention, the total amount of compensation payable by the 1971 Fund would be the upper limit specified in Article 4.4 (a) minus the shipowner’s liability under the 1969 Civil Liability Convention.

Fecha: 30.09.1982
Categoría: Aplicación de los Convenios
Subject: Interpretación del artículo 4.4 a) del Convenio del Fondo de 1971 relativo a la cuantía máxima pagadera respecto a cualquier siniestro