Decisión nº: 001606

In October 2004 the 1971 Fund Administrative Council noted that a letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela to the 1971 Fund in August 2004 gave, in the Director’s opinion, the necessary assurance that the Republic had agreed with his interpretation of the notion of ‘standing last in the queue’, namely that the government in question undertook not to pursue or seek payment for its claims for compensation under the 1969 Civil Liability Convention and the 1971 Fund Convention, or under its national legislation implementing these Conventions, until all other admissible claims had been paid in full, either for the amount agreed in out-of-court settlement or decided by a competent court in a final judgement, or it was accepted by the Fund that all such claims would be paid in full. The Council further noted that the Director had decided, as authorised by the Council, to increase the level of payments to 100%.

Fecha: 30.09.2004
Categoría: Pagos de indemnización
Subject: Nivel de pagos