Decisión nº: 000585

In February 1996 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee shared the Director’s view that it was not the task of the Fund to carry out clean-up operations or preventive measures, nor to undertake studies in these fields and agreed that the Fund should not undertake a study to investigate the condition of the wreck as requested by the Korean Government. The Committee also agreed that it would be for the Committee to decide, on an objective basis and in the light of all circumstances of the case, whether the cost of any investigation or any operation carried out by the Korean Government in respect of the removal of the oil or the wreck would be admissible for compensation.

Fecha: 01.02.1996
Categoría: Medidas preventivas
Subjects: Extracción de los hidrocarburos de los restos de un naufragio, Inspecciones submarinas y taponamiento de los restos de buques naufragados