Decisión nº: 000536

In December 1995 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee took the view that claims by claimants who had filed criminal accusation against four individuals (but not against the shipowner and the insurer) but had not submitted claims for compensation in these criminal proceedings, having merely reserved their right to claim compensation in future civil proceedings, were time-barred vis-a-vis the Fund, since the claimants had neither brought legal action against the Fund within the prescribed time period, nor notified the Fund of an action for compensation against the shipowner and insurer.

Fecha: 01.12.1995
Categoría: Disposiciones sobre caducidad
Subject: Interpretación/aplicación de las disposiciones de caducidad en el artículo VIII de los Convenios de Responsabilidad Civil y del Fondo de 1969 y de 1992 y el artículo 6 de los Convenios de los Fondos de 1971 y de 1992