Decisión nº: 000310

In October 1993 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee considered claims by three people who had alleged that their health had suffered as a result of the incident and due to the inhalation of the oil. The Committee noted the Director’s view, that in principle, the Conventions covered personal injury provided such injury was caused by contamination, but that it was for the claimant to prove that the alleged damage was due to the contamination and the amount of the loss or damage sustained. The Committee also noted that the Director was of the view that since the claimants had not shown that they had suffered personal injury caused by contamination by oil from the vessel, the claims should not be accepted.The Committee decided to examine the claims at a later session.

Fecha: 30.09.1993
Categoría: Lesiones corporales
Subject: Mala salud por inhalación o contacto de hidrocarburos