Decisión nº: 000256

In June 1993 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee authorised the Director to make final settlements of claims for the destruction of fish or other marine products if and to the extent that he was convinced that the destruction of the produce was reasonable on the basis of scientific and other evidence available, taking into account, inter alia, whether or not the produce in question was contaminated, whether it was likely that the contamination would disppear before the normal harvest time, whether the retention of the produce in the water would prevent further production and whether it was likely that the produce would be marketable at the time of normal harvesting.

Fecha: 31.05.1993
Categorías: Daños materiales, Pagos de indemnización, Pérdidas económicas consiguientes
Subjects: Relación de causalidad entre la pérdida y la contaminación, Destrucción de peces y mariscos debido a la contaminación, Autorización para resolver reclamaciones, Criterios de admisibilidad, Destrucción de peces y mariscos debido a la contaminación