Decisión nº: 002394

In October 1992 the 1971 Fund Assembly noted that in its request for observer status with the 1971 Fund the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt had mentioned that it was considering accession to the Fund Convention but that it had some concern regarding the application of the contribution system laid down in the Fund Convention to the activities of the company operating the SUMED pipeline, which ran from the Gulf of Suez to the Mediterranean, and stated that it would be grateful if the Fund could look into this matter. The Assembly invited the Director to examine the problem raised by the Government of Egypt, in consultation with that Government, and to submit the matter for consideration by the Assembly at its 16th session.

Fecha: 30.09.1992
Categoría: Aplicación de los Convenios
Subject: Interpretación de 'recibido' en el artículo 10.1 de los Convenios de los Fondos de 1971 y de 1992