Decisión nº: 001477

In October 2003, the Administrative Council recalled that the 1971 Fund and the shipowner’s insurer had commenced proceedings in the Admirality Court against the Milford Haven Port Authority (MHPA) to recover the amounts paid in compensation. The Council, noting that the shipowner’s insurer, the 1971 Fund and MHPA had agreed with the Court’s proposal that the parties should explore the possibility of settlement by mediation, held a private session, pursuant to Rule 12 of the Rules of Procedure, to consider the outcome of the mediation, which had taken place in October 2003. The Administrative Council noted with satisfaction the outcome of the mediation and approved the proposed settlement, under which the MHPA’s insurers would pay the 1971 Fund £20 million in full and final settlement. The Council also decided that the settlement should be made public prior to the adoption of the Record of Decisions.

Fecha: 30.09.2003
Categoría: Cuestiones relativas al procedimiento
Subject: Sesiones celebradas en privado conforme al artículo 12 del Reglamento interior