Decisión nº: 001452

In February 2003 the 1971 Administrative Council recalled that a claim by a whelk processor based in Devon had been found inadmissible by the first instance Court, but that the Court had given the claimant permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal on the grounds that the case raised issues of principle of general importance in the development of substantive law. It was noted that in a judgement in February 2003 the Court of Appeal had dismissed the appeal and upheld the decision of the first instance Court. The Council noted that the Court had found that the claimant’s loss was a form of secondary loss, which was outside the intended scope of a statute that was closely focused on physical contamination and its consequences.

Fecha: 30.09.2003
Categoría: Pérdida puramente económica (pesca y maricultura)
Subject: Reclamaciones específicas consideradas por los órganos rectores