Decisión nº: 001216

In March 2001 the 1971 Fund Administrative Council noted that in February 2001 the Court of Session in Edinburgh had rendered a judgement in respect of claims for damage to asbestos cement tiles and corrugated sheets used as roof coverings for homes and agricultural buildings, which the claimants had alleged was a result of pollution arising from the incident. It was recalled that the Fund had rejected the claims on the grounds that there was no evidence that oil from the Braer had contributed to the deterioration of the roof materials. It was noted that the judgements were in respect of six claims that had been selected to provide a wide geographical spread and variety of type of roof material. The Council noted that the Court had rejected the claims on the grounds that the claimants had failed to provide scientific or circumstantial evidence linking the alleged defects to the roofs, which were known to occur naturally in asbestos cement roofing materials, to the Braer incident. It was noted that the claimants had not appealed against the judgement, and although it was not known whether the remaining 43 pending claims would be pursued, it was considered likely that they would be withdrawn.

Fecha: 01.03.2001
Categoría: Daños materiales
Subject: Daños a los materiales de techo