Decisión nº: 001024

In February 1999 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee noted a judgement rendered by the Korean Court (which at the time was not available in writing), which had found that members of the Yosu Fishery Co-operative had suffered pollution damage, but having not been able to calculate the quantum of the loss, had decided to award compensation for ‘pain and suffering’. The Committee took the view that ‘pain and suffering’ did not fall within the definition of ‘pollution damage’ in the 1969 Civil Liability and 1971 Fund Conventions and decided to appeal against the judgement. The Director was instructed to examine the written judgement and to submit the claim to the Committee at its 61st session for renewed consideration in the light of the Court’s reasoning.

Categoría: Pérdida puramente económica (pesca y maricultura)
Subject: Pérdida de beneficios procedentes de la maricultura debido a la interrupción de actividades como resultado de la contaminación por hidrocarburos