Decisión nº: 000215

In March 1993 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee took that view that the losses suffered by four fish processors as a result of their having been deprived of a supply of fish from the fishing exclusion zone established by the United Kingdom Government should be considered as having been caused by contamination and accepted that the claims were admissible in principle. The Committee authorised the Director to settle these claims to the extent that they were substantiated by sufficient supporting documentation and the claimants had taken reasonable steps to minimise the damage. He was also authorised to make advance payments to mitigate undue financial hardship on the part of these claimants in respect of those parts of the claims which he considered admissible in principle.The Director was further authorised to settle claims from fish processors other than these four claimants whose situation as regards the supply of fish was similar to the situation of these four processors.

Fecha: 01.03.1993
Categorías: Pagos de indemnización, Pérdida puramente económica (pesca y maricultura)
Subjects: Dificultades económicas/pagos provisionales, Pérdida de beneficios procedentes de las ventas de pescado y elaboración de pescado por falta de suministro como resultado de la contaminación