Decision ID: 003994

In May 2014, at the request of the 1971 Fund Administrative Council, the Director informed the 1992 Fund Administrative Council of the debate which had taken place in the 1971 Fund Administrative Council earlier in the week (see paragraph 3.2.27). The 1992 Fund Administrative Council noted that in February 2014, the Maritime Court of First Instance in Caracas had issued a request to the courts in the United Kingdom for their assistance in serving the judgement rendered by the Venezuelan courts in respect of the claim by the Puerto Miranda Union on the IOPC Funds. It was further noted that the request included the order of embargo against assets belonging to the IOPC Funds, but that the request did not specify whether it referred to the 1971 Fund or the 1992 Fund or both. The Administrative Council noted that, as at 8 May 2014, the order had not been served upon the 1971 Fund.
The 1992 Fund Administrative Council also noted that the Director had informed the UK Government (Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Department for Transport) of the arrest order and had requested the FCO to advise whether the Privileges and Immunities available to the 1971 Fund and the 1992 Fund in the Headquarters Agreements with the two Organisations would apply to this order.

Date: 08.05.2014
Category: Legal actions
Subject: Enforceability of judgements