Decision ID: 003919

In October 2012 the governing bodies decided to hold the next regular sessions of the 1992 Fund Assembly and the Supplementary Fund Assembly, and the autumn session of the 1971 Fund Administrative Council during the week of 21 October 2013.
It was recalled that in April 2012 the Republic of Panama had offered to host the spring 2013 sessions of the governing bodies. The governing bodies noted, however, that after due consideration of a number of factors, Panama had informed the Director that it was not in a position to host those sessions. The governing bodies agreed that their next sessions would take place during the week of 22 April 2013 in London. It was agreed that the fifth meeting of the sixth intersessional Working Group, the second meeting of the seventh intersessional Working Group and any other sessions as required would take place during that week.

Date: 18.10.2012
Category: Procedural matters
Subject: Organisation of meetings of the Funds' governing bodies