Decision ID: 003885

In April 2012, the 1992 Fund Assembly noted that due to a number of unforeseen expenses having been incurred since October 2011 in respect of consultant fees, there was a shortfall under Chapter V of some £31 000. The Assembly recalled that the Director was entitled, under Financial Regulation 6.3, to make a transfer from other Chapters of 10% (ie £10 000 under Chapter V) to the appropriation to meet the additional consultants’ fees. The 1992 Fund Assembly authorised the Director to make the necessary transfer to Chapter V – Miscellaneous expenditure from another chapter within the 2011 budget to cover the shortfall that exceeds the amount that can be transferred under Financial Regulation 6.3.

Date: 26.04.2012
Categories: Administrative matters, Financial matters
Subjects: Budgets, Budgets