Decision ID: 003739

In July 2011, in a private meeting held pursuant to Rule 12 of the Rules of Procedure and attended only by representatives of Member States of the 1992 Fund and former Member States of the 1971 Fund, the 1992 Fund Administrative Council decided that it would be prudent to have a contingency plan in place in advance of the October 2011 session of the 1992 Fund Assembly should the current Director, Mr Willem Oosterveen, decide that he did not wish to seek renewal of his appointment for a second term of office. 

The Administrative Council devised a contingency plan to be implemented in the unfortunate event that Mr Oosterveen were to decide not to seek renewal of his appointment. This includes a call for nominations via a circular to be issued on 2 September 2011 and the subsequent circulation of candidates to Member States by 22 September 2011, providing a period of four weeks for their consideration ahead of the October 2011 meetings.

Categories: Administrative matters, Procedural matters
Subjects: Director, appointment, Secretariat and Headquarters matters, Staff, appointment & remuneration, Sessions held in private pursuant to Rule 12 of the Rules of Procedure