Decision ID: 003229

In February 1998 the 1971 Fund Executive Committee agreed with the position expressed by the Director as regards the 1971 Fund’s role in the proceedings in the Crimnial court of Cabinas, namely to make the Fund’s position clear as to the correct interpretation and application of the 1969 Civil Liability and the 1971 Fund Conventions, and noted that it was the duty of the Director to take any necessary action to protect the interests of the Fund and to promote the uniform application of the Conventions in matters relating to civil liability. The Committee endorsed the Director’s decision to intervene in the criminal proceedings in the Nissos Amorgos case to the extent that they related to civil liability and compensation issues, but not in the criminal aspects of the case.

Date: 01.02.1998
Category: Application of the Conventions
Subject: Uniform application of the Conventions