Decision ID: 002631

In May 1998 the 1971 Fund Assembly agreed that aspects that could be taken into account in determining whether to establish a consultation group for the purpose of seeking a global settlement in respect of an incident might include the complexity of the case, the amounts involved, the sensitivity of the issues and the negative consequences for the 1971 Fund and claimants if no solution were reached. It was also considered that such a group could be useful if national courts had taken decisions which, in the view of the Fund were, or might be, in conflict with the 1971 Fund Convention or the policy laid down by the governing bodies in respect of admissibility of claims. The Assembly took the view that such a group could be useful in cases where there was deadlock or a divergence of opinion on an important point of principle between a Member State, on the one hand, and the Director or the Fund bodies, on the other.

Date: 31.03.1998
Categories: Administrative matters, Compensation payments
Subjects: Consultation Groups, Global settlements