Decision ID: 002505

In June 1996 the 1992 Fund Assembly adopted a Resolution (1992 Fund Resolution No.4) to the effect that States which established an EEZ or designated an area under Article 3(a)(ii) of the 1992 Fund Convention before ratifying the Fund Convention should notify the Secretary-General of IMO accordingly when they deposited their instruments of ratification in respect of that Convention and that States that had established an EEZ or designated an area after ratification should notify the Director accordingly. The Assembly considered that in determining whether or not the 1992 Fund Convention would apply to pollution damage within the EEZ or designated area of a given State should depend on whether or not the EEZ or area was established or determined before the incident in question occurred.

Date: 31.05.1996
Category: Application of the Conventions
Subject: Application of the 1992 Fund Convention and the Supplementary Fund Protocol to the EEZ