Decision ID: 002444

In October 1994 the 1971 Fund Assembly reiterated its position that work carried out by lawyers and other experts on behalf of the 1971 Fund in connection with incidents involving the Fund should be considered as fulfilling the criterion of ‘important work necessary for the exercise of its official activities’ and that the Governments of Member States were thus under an obligation, pursuant to Article 34.2 of the 1971 Fund Convention, to take appropriate measures for the remission or refund of the amount of indirect taxes or sales taxes included in the costs of such services. The Assembly noted the Director’s analysis of the notions of ‘substantial purchases’ and ‘important work’, but decided that it would not be meaningful to attempt to make any detailed definition of the concepts in question, since situations might vary from one State to another and from one incident to another.

Date: 30.09.1994
Category: Application of the Conventions
Subject: Interpretation of Article 34.2 of the 1971 and 1992 Fund Conventions regarding reimbursement of taxes