Decision ID: 002416

In October 1993 the 1971 Fund Assembly considered the question of whether oil which passed through the SUMED pipeline in Egypt after having been discharged from a tanker into storage tanks in the Gulf of Suez and subsequently reloaded into tankers in the Mediterranean via storage tanks should be reported as oil received for the purpose of levying contributions to the Fund. The Assembly recalled that ship-to-ship transfer was not considered as receipt, but that in the case where the oil passed through a storage tank before being loaded to the other ship it had to be reported as oil received at that tank in the Contracting State. It was noted that the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt had argued that transport through the SUMED pipeline should be considered as ship-to-ship transfer and had requested that the oil involved should therefore not be taken into account for the purpose of levying contributions to the Fund. The Assembly concluded that there was not a majority in favour of the request made by the Egyptian Government, although several delegations had expressed the opinion that a compromise solution should be sought. The Assembly decided, therefore, that the question should be re-examined if a firm compromise proposal were made or new arguments advanced.

Date: 30.09.1993
Category: Application of the Conventions
Subject: Interpretation of 'received' in Article 10.1 of the 1971 and 1992 Fund Conventions